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Grand Canyon Tours

If you’re coming to Las Vegas on vacation, you’re probably thinking about all the things you’d be able to do why are here.  Naturally there’s gambling and great restaurants to check out, but if you like the outdoors there are several national Parks that are within a short drive of the city.  For outdoor types the proximity of the national Parks of the American Southwest to Las Vegas make it so you don’t even have to think about it, you know that Las Vegas is the best starting point for your national park tour.  You can visit Bryce canyon, monument valley, Zion Canyon, antelope canyon or the grand canyon all within a short drive of Las Vegas.  If you have about three days to spend outside the city you can pretty much visit them all and still spend a good amount of time exploring each one.  If you only have a short period of time, our overnight grand canyon tour is the way to go.

When you land in Las Vegas and start to see the signs for grand canyon tours in the Airport don’t be fooled by them.  These are tours that take you from Las Vegas to the west rim of the grand canyon, and not the south rim where the national park is located.  While it is more convenient only spend 2 hours on the road instead of four, and a trip to that area can be accomplished in one day, many people feel regret when they realize that they weren’t actually going to the place that they’ve seen books and magazines.  Make sure that you always ask if that were that you’re booking goes to the national park area of the grand canyon and not some other area.

We feel that it’s always best to take two days of your Las Vegas vacation to spend at the grand canyon.  This is because the 4 ½ hour drive it takes to get from Las Vegas to the canyon only leaves you with about ½ day of exploration before the sun goes down.  This is why we prefer to do to drive out in one day and then camp overnight, then drive back the next day.  This gives us an ample time to explore and hike, as well as for taking in all of the other wonderful events and things that there are to do at the grand canyon.  We have found that by splitting the trip into two days you have enough time to actually do enough of the things to make you happy.  When you try and make the drive to and from Las Vegas on the same day, it just doesn’t give you enough time to explore why are there.  This is why we suggest that if you have a few days outside of your Las Vegas vacation, let us do the driving for you.  We will arrange all of the details of your grand canyon tour, do the driving and show you the best sites.