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Why Camp Overnight In The Grand Canyon

If you were planning a trip to Las Vegas anytime soon, you might want to consider a trip to the grand canyon as well.  The grand canyon is on many people’s bucket list, specifically because it’s one of the most popular places on earth to photograph.  The canyon itself a spectacular, and really must be seen to be believed.  So while just about everyone wants to visit the grand canyon, most people really don’t have the time to set aside a trip just to that national park.  This is why a trip to the grand canyon that leaves from Las Vegas make so much sense.  The grand canyon is only 4 ½ hours drive from Las Vegas.  If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas, and can spare a few days, working the grand canyon into your itinerary is sure to not disappoint.

Don’t be fooled by the tour companies that offer tours of the grand canyon that are advertised in the Airport.  This is not a trip to the actual grand canyon national park but is actually a trip to Indian Land that is located about 2 hours from the city.  While any portion of the grand canyon is sure to be spectacular, many people are disappointed when they find out that the trip that they booked is actually not to the real grand canyon, and is just to a portion of it that is located a little closer to Las Vegas.  The stores were specifically designed for Las Vegas tourists who are very short on time.  This is because the 2 hour drive to that portion of the grand canyon is able to be achieved in a single day.  While there’s nothing wrong with just riding out to the grand canyon and snapping a few pictures, than driving home, we do not feel that this does justice to the grand canyon itself.  If you’re going to go all the way, we figure it’s better to participate in a lot of the aspects of the national park that aren’t available at the other areas.  The grand canyon has some of the best hiking in the world, as well as mule rides, helicopter rides, and loads of other things to do.

It is best to arrange your grand canyon trip to be an overnight one, specifically because before ½ hour drive it takes to get there from Las Vegas doesn’t leave you a lot of time on that day to explore.  The way we’ve structured our tours is to drive out from Las Vegas to the grand canyon on the first day, then spend the second half of the day exploring before camping overnight.  Not only do you get the full day of exploration split into two days, you also get to experience camping in the grand canyon national park which is going to give you a new lease on life.  You’ve probably never seen this guy like that, and we’re sure you will remember it forever.