Bindlestiff Tours

The Death Valley Experience

Bindlestiff Tours provides a specialized version of national parks tours that we like to refer to as the “adventure style.” This will mean that our patrons will spend more time actually exploring the area then they will sitting on the bus.  Many tour companies that are based in Las Vegas who provide tours of protected spaces will actually only be acting as a driver.  They will pick you up at your Las Vegas hotel room and perceived to transport you to a national park, while playing the DVD presentation of about the area and simply allowing you to get off the bus for pictures at specific points.  Our tours are more interactive, and are far more like an exploration the adventure that is being guided by a person who is uniquely familiar with the area.  We hired tour guides who are adventure buffs themselves, people who enjoy leading you on an adventure and not just a place to take a picture.  That being said, hours summertime tours of Death Valley will many times be more of a sightseeing tour then an exploration adventure.  This is simply due to the fact that we must keep in mind the safety of our patrons. Death Valley is one of the most unique places on earth in that it gets almost no rainfall and has some of the most extraordinary lee high temperatures on the globe.  The most easily comparable area would be Afghanistan, and very few people are going to choose to tour Afghanistan simply for the adventure that it brings. Death Valley on the other hand has all the same extreme features, without the danger.  In order to keep our guests safe, we make sure they do not spend too much time in the summer outside exploring the region, and also make sure there’s plenty of air conditioning and water available as is needed.

Our general tour route will take us from pickup points in Las Vegas through the interesting view points of Death Valley, including Dante’s View and Badwater Basin.  Along with other interesting stopping points, these spaces provide completely otherworldly views for you to experience firsthand.  Badwater Basin boasts the lowest point below sea level in the continental United States, and features a landscape of cracked and dried salt that looks like the surface of another planet.  This is due to the fact that it used to be covered with water, proof of which lies in the sea shells that can sometimes be found as you explore.  During the summer we will limit the amount of time that can be spent in this region outside of the vans due to the extreme temperatures that can quickly overwhelmed some people.  While we will generally limit the amount of time that is spent outside at the viewpoints, for the most part we will maintain the same routes that we do in the winter.

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