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The Death Valley Heat Makes Awesome Tours

Bindlestiff Tours is one of the nation’s leading providers of day tours leaving from Las Vegas and traveling to Death Valley California.  The Death Valley national park may seem like an unpleasant place on the surface, but for those who are looking to experience some of the more unique spaces in the world, Death Valley is definitely one of them..  Unique topical landscapes are generally created through some kind of extreme weather pattern, and Death Valley fits this description unlike most other places.  The landscape of this area has been molded by extraordinarily hot temperatures and almost no rainfall over the course of thousands of years.  Due to be extremely harsh weather, plants and animals who called this space home have adapted and evolved to be completely unique.  There are living things in this area that called no other place on earth home.  The landscape is comparable only to a few other places in the world, and the closest comparison that can generally be made is Afghanistan. Death Valley is generally recognized as having set the record for the hottest temperature ever recorded on earth earlier in this century, when an air temperature of 134°was recognized by temperature gauges.  While there have been other areas who have also claimed higher temperatures, Death Valley is almost always recognized as holding the record.  While it may seem as though the cooler temperatures that can be seen in the winter would be the appropriate time to tour this area, many choose to experience the actual reason for its fame.  This is why so many of our guests choose to take their Death Valley tour in the summer.  It must be noted that we have to change the format of our tour during the hottest summer months in order to provide protection for our guests.  In areas like Badwater Basin, which shows the lowest point below sea level in the continental United States, the heat can be extreme.  For this reason we make sure our guests do not spend too much time exploring, and have ample access to air conditioning and water

Our usual tours will take us to Dante’s View, Zabriskie Point, Artist’s Pallet, Badwater Basin, Furnace Creek and Devil’s Golf Course.  Sometimes we will take additional stops at other areas if there are especially interesting viewpoints due to extraordinary circumstances.  This will generally happen and adoring times called the Super Bloom, which is essentially an extra heavy bloom of wildflowers caused by perfect conditions previously seen in the year.  While extra large a wildflower blooms are not typically seen, there always pockets of unique vegetation that may be worth traveling to.  Our experienced guides we’ll make these determinations while providing commentary and interesting facts about the area.  If you feel extra adventurous during your next Las Vegas trip, think about a tour of this completely unique area of the United States.

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