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Camping In The Grand Canyon

If you’re anything like us, you love the great outdoors. If you’re coming to Las Vegas any time in the near future you would probably love to see the grand canyon. Simply put, the grand canyon is probably the most breathtaking thing you will ever experience in your life. It’s on the bucket list of most everyone who enjoys the great outdoors, and if you’re coming to Vegas it makes perfect sense for you to visit while you’re here. The grand canyon is about a 4 hour drive from Las Vegas. It is also about a 4 hour drive from Salt Lake City in Utah. Las Vegas makes much more sense as the starting point because we are a tourist location on our own. There are more cheap flights and hotels in Las Vegas than everywhere else in the world, so it’ll be pretty difficult for you to find a better starting point for your grand canyon trip. If you can manage to take a few days out of your Las Vegas vacation, your bucket list trip to the grand canyon can be had.

Don’t be fooled by the companies that advertise in the airport for overnight trips from Las Vegas to the grand canyon. They aren’t actually going to the grand canyon national park, and instead they’re going to an area of indian land that is about 2 hours from the city. It isn’t nearly as spectacular as the national park area, and is pretty much designed as a tourist trap. If you really want to experience the grand canyon in all its glory, you’re going to need to go to the national park. Many people don’t feel that a 4 hour drive each direction is going to give them enough time to explore all the elements of the park. Trying to undertake this in one day will be very difficult and wouldn’t give you a lot of time to explore. This is why we suggest our overnight camping trip in the grand canyon. We drive from Las Vegas on the first day and get there by the early afternoon, then spend the rest of the day exploring. We camp overnight in the grand canyon national park, where you get to experience a nighttime sky that you’ve probably never thought could exist. The next day we wake up bright and early for a full day of hiking in exploring, then drive back to Las Vegas that night. We feel that this gives us enough time in the park to do at least a good amount of the things that most of our guests would want to do. Trying to fit all in on one day would not give enough time to really enjoy yourself. So even though the drive is longer, and it is going to be two days instead of one, we suggest the overnight camping tour to anyone who really wants to enjoy the grand canyon. You can explore the canyon on most any of our multi day tours as well.