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Tour The Grand Canyon And Camp There Too

Lets talk about some of the logistics of the Grand Canyon, and the visit that you are planning to see it. There is more to consider than simply flying into Las Vegas and renting a car, as the trip from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon should not be taken lightly. Las Vegas is the closest logical city for the tip, because of the two nearest cities with airports that support commercial traffic Las Vegas is the best. The other is Salt Lake City, and because Salt Lake is not really a tourist location like Las Vegas is, you can expect there to be fewer choices of flights and hotels. This means that they will not only be more expensive but probably more inconvenient too. Both cities are roughly the same distance to the Grand Canyon, being about a 4.5 hour drive to Page Arizona where the visitor center is nearby. This is not an easy trip through the desert in a car that is unfamiliar to you, and if you have never driven in the desert before you should not think it is like regular driving. It is very tedious because the scenery all looks the same, and there is almost nothing that will create a visual stimulation on the way. It will literally feel like far longer of a trip because everything along the way looks the same. You do not want to try and drive this distance and then explore outside all day before driving back. Take it from us, youa re going to be far too tired to attempt this kind of thing.

When you get to the Grand Canyon national park, you are going to notice that there are a wide range of activities that you can partake in. You can arrange helicopter rides and mule rides. You can hike on many miles of scenic trails (some of which are actually pet friendly) and you are going to find hours of photo ops as well. Even if you  are just deciding to look for the best places to take pictures, it is going to be a long day. This is why we always suggest also planning on spending the night camping in the Grand Canyon park. You will get to experience a whole different side of the area, one that a lot fewer people ever see. You will also get to rest up for a full day of activities the next day, as opposed to trying to do all these things on the same day you drove in.

The best best is to just let us take care of it all for you, and arrange either to see the Grand Canyon as part of one of our multi-park tours or our Overnight Tour Of The Grand Canyon. This tour is specifically designed to get you the best things to do and also take care of all of the camping aspects, which will be overwhelming for most people to try and plan in addition to the trip. When you are ready to see the Grand Canyon and camp overnight, call us!