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Why Not Camp Overnight In The Grand Canyon

Every year hundreds of thousands of people come to Las Vegas with the intention of visiting the Grand Canyon. This is because the Grand Canyon is one of the most recognizable places on the face of the earth, and is considered one of the “must visit” places on any number of travel websites and television shows. The Grand Canyon is the most visited natural attraction on the face of the earth, and anyone who loves nature and outdoor adventures needs to see it at least once. It makes sense to use your Las Vegas vacation as the starting point to visit the Grand Canyon simply because of it’s remote nature. It is located just outside of Page, Arizona which is about 4.5 hours from Las Vegas by car. Las Vegas and Salt Lake City are the nearest major cities to the Grand Canyon that also have major airports, which ultimately makes either of those cities the logical starting point for a Grand Canyon visit if you are not living in the southwestern United States. If you will need to fly in and then drive in order to get there, it makes sense that you would fly into a city that is also set up as a tourist location on it’s own, and make it part of a larger vacation. The real problem is how to do it once you are here.

If you decide to drive from Las Vegas, it will take almost 5 hours through the desert driving a car you are not familiar with. Once you are there you will be on your own to find the best things to do and the best things to see. There is a lot to do inside the Grand Canyon national park, so planning on driving all that way only to spend an hour or so before leaving really doesn’t make much sense. It is far better to camp overnight inside the park so that you have a half-day to explore on the day you drove in, and a half-day on the day you plan to leave. This gives you enough time to actually have a good time doing some of the activities that the Grand Canyon offers, while also giving yourself enough time to drive back and forth. Trying to accomplish 10 hours of driving on the same day that you plan on being outside exploring just doesn’t make any sense. This is why we prefer to have our guests either partake in our Grand Canyon Overnight tour, or to see it as part of one of our multi-day tours. These tours visit the Grand Canyon as part of the sequence from one park to another, which leverages the fact that they are all closer together than they are individually from the Las Vegas starting point. Once you are out there, enjoy yourself and make a day of it and then also camp to see the park in a whole different light. It is an experience unlike any other, and you can leave the driving and details to us!