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The Grand Canyon From Las Vegas

If you are going to tour the Grand Canyon, you are going to have to prepare. To put it mildly, it is pretty remote in it’s location, and it is pretty far from just about everything. It’s closest town is Page Arizona where you will be able to find hotels and even dog kennels to store your pets while you are out hiking, but unless you are from Nevada, Utah or Arizona the drive is probably going to be pretty difficult for you. The closest cities that support actual commercial airline traffic are Las Vegas and Salt Lake City, and both of these places are more than four hours drive from the Grand Canyon. Another thing to consider is that this means more than four hours driving a rental car that you are not used to, through the desert. The desert is pretty boring and anyone who has ever done a long desert drive can attest to the fact that four hours will seem like eight hours when everything looks the same. There is almost nothing in between the areas on the way except more desert, so be prepared for a trip that is pretty grueling.  If you plan on trying to come back the same night, you will be doing more than 9 hours driving in a single day, and having a good deal of time spent outside on that same day. Needless to say it isn’t for the feint of heart. So what should you do?

We suggest flying into Las Vegas from the airport closest to your home. Arrange one of our Grand Canyon tours that will start from your hotel f=room or a pickup place in the city, which will transport you to the Grand Canyon for a day of exploration and fun. You will camp overnight and do a second day of exploration the next day before returning back to Las Vegas which will give you the experience of all that the Grand Canyon has to offer as well as an overnight under a sky that is bigger than you would ever believe. This is a private tour so you will need a small group with you to make it work, but if you are alone or with only a few people we also offer a three day tour which visits the Grand Canyon in addition to Bryce, Zion and Monument Valley as well. This tour takes advantage of the fact that the national parks themselves in the southwest are generally closer together than they are to drive from the starting point in Las Vegas to them individually, so you get to move from park to park and save driving time in between. This is more convenient, and you will also get a more diverse experience that is second to none. Once we return to Las Vegas, you can even spend a few days exploring the city as part of a second vacation before flying home. Ask us about our Grand Canyon tours today.