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Spring Forward To The Grand Canyon

This weekend is daylight savings, and those of us who live in Las Vegas or California are looking forward to moving our clocks ahead and getting the spring underway. Were you aware that there is no daylight savings time in Arizona where the Grand Canyon is located? Basically, as of this Saturday night the time will be the same in both Las Vegas and at the Grand Canyon, so you will not have to worry about time changes when you take your tour! Every year millions of people just like you set out from Las Vegas to visit the Grand Canyon, most of them figuring that they have come this far on vacation so they might as well go just a little farther to see one of the most iconic places on earth. The Grand Canyon is massive, and once you see it in person you will never be able to look at a picture in a magazine again and think that it is done justice. This is why it is so important for you to see it for yourself.

Don’t make a mistake that a lot of other people have been making lately. They have been flying into Las Vegas to start their trip to the Grand Canyon, and they book the tour with the companies that advertise in the airport. Unfortunately for them, they do not realize that the tours that they are booking are not going to the national park area which is 4 hours away. Instead, they are going to an area of the canyon that is controlled by Navajo Nation which is 2 hours away. Yes, it is still part of the Grand Canyon but it is not the scenic area that you have seen in books. Instead, it is a more brown and less populated with plants and animals area that they have built a glass bridge into as a tourist attraction. There is not much else there to do, which is why so many people simple get on the bus to the area, spend a few minutes on the bridge and then come home. Our preference is the actual national park area, and while it takes longer to get there, you will find it far more satisfying if you enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and rafting. Our tours of the area are adventure style tours, so you will be getting out into the area to explore and move around. It will be a learning experience as our experienced guides teach you all about the specifics of the Grand Canyon, while also encouraging you to get out and live it the way you want to. Each person is looking for something different inside this beautiful space, and we believe you should make it your own. You won’t be just looking through the windows of a bus, you will experience the Grand Canyon the way that the original settlers who saw it for the first time did. Contact us now to find out about spring tours.