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Zion Canyon Tour From Las Vegas

If you are coming to Las Vegas on vacation in the springtime, one of the best things you can do is to use the fact that you have come all the way to the southwest for this particular vacation, and use a little bit of the time to also get a second vacation. What we man by this is that you have come to Las Vegas to see the lights and gambling, but you have also come to one of the best outdoor activities areas in the world.  Sure Las Vegas is going to be a blast, but did you realize that Zion Canyon National Park is only a few hours drive from here? It is 2.5 hours, to be exact, and you aren’t even going to notice it if you take our one-day tour of Zion Canyon from Las Vegas.

Zion Canyon National Park is one of the most popular parks in all of the national park system. This has a lot to do with a very successful advertising campaign that happened a few years ago when there was an issue with falling attendance numbers at the national parks. The campaign was called “Find Your Park” and essentially brought information about these areas to the public in the form of television and radio ads. Once people realized that the parks were more accessible than you might have thought, attendance at most of them went up significantly. Zion was especially lucky and saw attendance increase dramatically, to the point of the park system trying to figure out ways to decrease congestion on the roads going from Las Vegas to Zion, as well as in the parking areas. Because of it’s close proximity to Las Vegas, Zion became a natural fit for those people who have come this far and love the outdoors enough to make the trip from the city. While there are obvious areas within Zion that are the “must experience” areas, we allow our private tours of Zion to fully customize their experience.  When we have a diverse group on a bus, we need to cater to everyone and get as many things that everyone would like into the tour. If you are the whole group on the bus though, you are going to be able to let us know specifically the things that you want to do and see for the day. We will take care of all the planning and preparation, as well as the food necessary for the trip.

The differences between the trips to Zion from Las Vegas is going to depend on the amount of time that you want to spend. We have single day trips that only go to and from the park in one day, and we also have multiple day trips that combine Zion with Bryce Canyon and Monument Valley as well. These are our most popular tours because they use the time to see multiple parks, but if you only have one day then check out the single day Zion trip. You won’t be disappointed.