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Death Valley Tours In Springtime

Many people come to Las Vegas every year are also looking for the things they can do outside the city in order to enjoy themselves.  Outdoors types will generally understand that Las Vegas is in the middle of the Mojave Desert, and there are a world of opportunities within driving distance that can satisfy your need to get out into the great outdoors and see some of the most unique spaces in the world.  There are over seven national parks that are within driving distance of Las Vegas, all of which are able to give you a totally unique experience that you will never regret, the major differences being that some are closer than others and the unique features that each one has.  When people are looking for a national park tour from Las Vegas and want to experience a completely unique environment without spending a lot of time doing it, one of the best places that you can consider visiting is Death Valley.  This area is located on the California border within about a 2-hour drive from Las Vegas, and features a landscape that is unlike anything that most people have ever experienced.  It is considered to be one of the hottest and driest places in the world, most easily compares to the Middle East and Afghanistan.  As a matter of fact, Death Valley holds the record for the hottest air temperature ever recorded by modern instruments to 134°.  The summertime temperatures can easily go over 120° for extended periods of time, and in the wintertime the temperatures can go below freezing.  It is this type of extreme temperature swings may cause the area to be considered one of the harshest climates on earth.  It is also an area which has been molded by the extreme temperatures into a landscape that is something which most people have no experience with.  There are large stretches of Death Valley where there is no vegetation whatsoever, but in springtime there are endless fields of wildflowers that will create and on believable color palette that stretches for as far as the eye can see.  There are areas where you can see for many miles across the desert floor because of the lack of tall vegetation, but make no mistake there is plenty of different types of plants and animals living here.  This is why springtime he’s the perfect time to visit Death Valley, because you will be able to experience seen all of the wonders of this unique climate while also not experiencing the heat that ultimately makes it when it is.  You’ll be able to be treated to temperatures in the seventies and eighties where it is comfortable to actually walk around and explore, these temperatures soar into the hundreds within only a few months.  If you are interested in seeing one of the most unique areas on earth, book your Death Valley tour from Las Vegas in springtime.  It isn’t worthy you will never forget.