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Why Visit Death Valley?

It is a completely inhospitable climate.  It is one of the hottest places on the face of the earth and it has the dubious honor of holding the record for the highest air temperature ever recorded.  In the early part of the century, an air temperature of 134° was recorded at Death Valley, and as a result of this extreme heat and dry climate Death Valley is considered one of the most unique places in the world.  Most people are used to looking out and seeing vegetation of some sort when you look across any distance.  Death Valley will provide areas where you can look across a landscape that stretches out for miles and see nothing but the barren and lifeless desert floor.  Within only a short distance from these areas you will be able to also find regions that will be covered in wildflowers at certain times of the year, and where you will also be able to see plant and animal species that only exist in this region.  Over thousands of years, the vegetation and animals that called Death Valley home have adapted to this unique climate.  Everything is closer to the ground and generally not as colorful as you would see elsewhere.  When the wildflowers bloom in the springtime, everything changes and suddenly you were treated to these vast fields of colorful flowers seeming to exist in a region where nothing should be able to grow.  It is truly a wonder to behold, and luckily it is only a few hours from Las Vegas.

One of the most popular Death Valley tours is the ones that leave Las Vegas in springtime.  If you are choosing what time of year to visit both Las Vegas and almost any national park in the region, springtime is the best time to do it.  The weather will be mild and you will be able to do far longer stretches of time outside without needing to retire to the van and the air conditioning.  In Death Valley, because the summertime is so extremely hot, most of that wars of this region become sightseeing tours during the summertime months.  Springtime is different, because the weather will generally be in the seventies and easily able to sustain your outdoor activities without having you overheat.  The best part of all is that you will be treated to all of the scene visual looks that Death Valley has throughout the rest of the year, only you will not have to experience the heat that is the very thing that makes death valley what is.  You’ll be able to take one’s rules outside and explore the region for yourself, without being exposed to the extraordinary heat that will be defining the area in only a few months.  If you are interested in tour in Death Valley from Las Vegas, now is the time to do it.  Contact us today to arrange the best Death Valley tour around.