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Drive Your Own Car On A Professional National Parks Tour

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way that we must do things.  Most of the businesses that provide entertainment are closed, and ultimately we have become confined to our homes due to the fact that we must avoid interaction with other people to stay healthy.  While there is no determining how long this is all going to last, people are beginning to venture out in different ways that they may not have considered previously.  In the past, when you had time over the weekend to spend doing something with your family you will probably thinking about entertainment that was located a few miles from your house.  You may have wanted to visit a national park like the Grand Canyon, Bryce or Zion but never actually went through with it because you didn’t know what were the best places to visit and what were the best things to do.  This is where professional tour companies were valuable in being able to not only provide transportation from a starting point to the national parks in the surrounding area, also been able to provide all of the crucial elements that will make it more comfortable and enjoyable.  Professional tour guides will also give insight as far as the areas that you are visiting, ultimately providing educational experience as well as an adventure.  You may have always wanted to take a professional national park tour, but just never got around to it because you had other things that get top priority.  After all, it is difficult to be able to come up with multiple days that you will be away from your home in order to tour a national park.  Luckily, the pandemic has created a situation where you have very little to do around your home, and it is the perfect time for you to arrange that tour of a national park that you always wanted to take.  The one drawback is that tour companies offer transportation in vans and buses that will generally involve small to midsize groups, and in a time when we are concerned about catching diseases from each other, this doesn’t seem to be an attractive choice.

We are now offering a version of our tours that will allow you to social distance and stay safe.  Our self driving tours our exactly like our standards tours only you take your own car and only have the people that you are comfortable associated with inside.  You sign up for a self tour package and then drive your own car to the destination where you will be met by the tour guide along with several other people who are doing the same.  The tour guide we’ll have arranged all of the year that will be necessary for you to camp overnight, so you will not have to worry about securing camping items that you may not have on your own.  You will get all of the great aspects of the professional national parks tour without worrying about the pandemic.  Contact us today for information.