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National Parks Self-Drive Tours

There is a new normal in the United States, and businesses are attempting to adapt to this new climate in order to continue providing products and services to the public.  The Coronavirus pandemic has created a situation where people need to stay apart from one another, at least until the virus is controlled enough for us to feel confident that we will not get sick by interacting with one another.  For this reason, many entertainment aspects of most cities have been shut down and people have been confined to entertain themselves in their homes for significant portion of time.  Unfortunately, there seems to be no end in sight to this lack of entertainment as businesses may begin opening up, but customers still do not feel as though it is safe to go out.  For this reason, there’s been a significant amount of interest building over the course of the last few months with regards to national parks.  These open spaces are perfect for spending time with your family or friends and at the same time getting to see some of the most beautiful areas that the United States has to offer.  The national parks are open for business, and there are procedures put in place that will help to keep everyone safe.

Many people have always wanted to visit a national park that are intimidated by not knowing where to go or what to do once they get there.  After all, many people are used to more typical entertainment venues where everything has been decided for you.  National parks are different in that you are more in charge of your own entertainment, and it is up to you to figure out the places that you would like to visit and the things that you would like to see.  This is why the national park tour business has become so popular over the course of the last few years.  People enjoy the fact that they are able to experience these beautiful spaces but still have someone to provide information as far as were to go and what to do.  We also rely on to the fact that if they are going to need to camp overnight the majority of the necessary items are going to be provided for them instead of having to purchase them on their own.  Even things like meals and how to arrange a campsite are provided when a professional tour guide is the one leading your party.  Now that we are in an era of social distancing, many people are uncomfortable with being in a van or bus for significant period of time with other people that they do not know.  For this reason, we have modified our tours to have the self driving tour option, which gives you the ability to take your own car and meet the tour guide at the park.  All of the information will be provided and the critical elements that are going to be necessary for camping will also be there for you.  Our app will give you all the information along the way, providing you with a professional tour at the same time as giving you the ability to social distance safely.